Andrew McGregor

IMG_0733Andrew McGregor is a Professor of History at Dallas College in Dallas, TX and the founder and coeditor of this blog. His research focuses on American culture, politics, race, and the history of sports. He has published book chapters and encyclopedia articles on American Soccer, Arthur Ashe, Hal Connolly, Native American boxing, and Billy Mills. His book manuscript, From Steinbeck to Haggard: How College Football Redefined “Okies” and Transformed Oklahoma, operates as a cultural and political history of college athletics, tying popular culture and public relations to the resurgent field of political history and more deeply interrogating the social utility of sport. It challenges traditional narratives in political history by asserting the importance of sports to American political development, and documents how college football became increasingly politicized during the 1950s and 1960s.

In addition to his research, McGregor is a practicing public historian and digital humanist. He has worked in archives and developed digital exhibits and mapping projects. His current project, “Putting Oklahoma Football on the Map: An Atlas of University of Oklahoma Football from 1947-1963,” serves as a companion to his book manuscript by using a series of maps to present a visual understanding of the reach of Oklahoma football. McGregor has been featured as guest on radio and televisions programs, including ESPN2’s “Outside the Lines,” and written op-ed for the Washington Post’s Made by History section.

You can learn more about him by visiting his personal blog at  He can be reached by email at: or on Twitter at @admcgregor85 Click here for an archive of his posts.