Launched in May 2014, Sport in American History is a group blog that focuses on American Sport History and Studies. It’s comprised of sport scholars dedicated to developing an active online community interested in critically engaging current and historical issues in sport. Our contributors range from full professors to graduate students to journalists, offering a variety of perspectives. They take turns posting articles that respond to current events, debate important works and trends in the field, discuss teaching with sport, and share their latest research. 

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Readers are encouraged to comment and engage in lively discussion of our pieces. In doing so, we ask that you use your real name to identify yourself. Please keep all comments respectful and on-topic. We reserve the right to delete comments that we deem to be disrespectful and offensive.


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Sport in American history was founded by Andrew McGregor and is co-edited with Cat Ariail, Josh Howard, Andrew D. Linden, and Lindsay Parks Pieper.