Dain TePoel

Dain TePoel is a doctoral candidate specializing in Sport Studies in the Department of American Studies at the University of Iowa. He received an M.A. in Sport Humanities from Ohio State University. His research interests include feminist and anti-racist critiques of inequality and discrimination in the production/consumption of sport media, the cultural politics of the heteronormative family in sport representations, and the articulation of “Other” in media discourse on transnational athletes. He is currently working on his dissertation which situates transcontinental walks as a form of physical endurance and examines their relationship to activism and social movements throughout United States history. His work appears in the Journal of Sport History, the International Journal of the History of Sport, Nine: A Journal of Baseball History and Culture, and the Iowa Journal of Communication. He is currently on the communications team for the Journal of Sport History, and previously served as a Graduate Student Representative on the Executive Board of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport.

You can read an archive of his posts here.