Film Reviews

Periodically our contributors will review sports movies and documentaries. Below is a list of the films we have reviewed. If you would like to review a film email Andrew McGregor at or Andrew D. Linden at

List of Films Reviewed (alphabetical by title):

Creed (2015). Reviewed by Kate Aguilar, January 2016.

Fantastic Lies (2016). Reviewed by Lindsay Parks Pieper, April 2016.

Fight Church (2014). Reviewed by Adam Park, June 2014.

Happy Valley (2014). Reviewed by Lindsay Parks Pieper, Adam Berg, and Andrew D. Linden, April 2015.

Kareem: Minority of One (2015). HBO Documentary. Reviewed by Frank Guridy, December 2015.

O.J.: Made in America (2016). ESPN 30 for 30. June 2016.

“Go, O.J.! Go!”: A Review of Part One, by Chuck Westmoreland.

Getting Intersectional with O.J.: A Review of Part Two, by Cat Ariail.

“Game Time”: A Review of Part Three, by Kate Aguilar.

The “Trial of the Century”: A Review of Part Four, by Lindsay Parks Pieper.

“The Fifth Quarter”: A Review of Part Five, by Andrew McGregor.

Pride (2007). Reviewed by Matt Hodler, June 2015.

Race (2016). Reviewed by Betsy Schlabach, February 2016.

Rand University (2014). ESPN 30 for 30. Reviewed by Max Rieger, November 2014.

The Marinovich Project (2011). ESPN 30 for 30. Reviewed by Dain TePoel, March 2015.

The Two Escobars (2010). ESPN 30 for 30. Reviewed by Max Rieger, June 2014.

Trojan War (2015). ESPN 30 for 30. Reviewed by Max Rieger, December 2015.