Top Ten Historically Significant Women Athletes: Recap

In total, we collected 73 entries, including 70 athletes/coaches and 3 teams. These contributions came from scholars, casual readers, and one sport history classroom. This produced myriad descriptions of prominent female athletes from around the world and from many different sports.

Below is a recap of Part I and Part II. Part I recognized 50 athletes, coaches, and teams (unranked, in alphabetical order) that readers of the Sport in American History Blog named as historically significant. Part II presented women 11 through 23. Part III, available Thursday, November 16, presents women 1 through 10.

Part I

1976 Yale Crew Team

1999 US Women’s National Soccer Team

Tennessee State Tigerbelles Track and Field

Sybil Bauer (Swimming)

Senda Berenson (Basketball)

Fanny Blankers-Koen (Track and Field)

Margaret Court (Tennis)

Betty Cuthbert (Track and Field)

Chris Evert

Mabel Fairbanks (Figure Skating)

Peggy Fleming (Figure Skating)

Heather Furr (Football)

Zina Garrison (Tennis)

Sami Grisafe (Football)

Dorothy Hamill (Figure Skating)

Katie Hnida (Football)

Gladys Hogg (Ice Dancing)

Cara Honeychurch (Tenpin Bowler)

Midori Ito (Figure Skating)

Linda Jefferson (Football)

Belita Jepson-Turner (Figure Skating)

Mamie “Peanut” Johnson (Baseball)

Marion Jones (Track and Field, Basketball)

Samantha Kerr (Soccer)

Kristine Lilly (Soccer)

Elizabeth Manley (Figure Skating)

Pat McCormick (Diving)

Alice Milliat (Track and Field)

Sabrine Mziguir (Football)

Charlotte Oelschlägel (Figure Skating)

Se Ri Pak (Golf)

Danica Patrick (NASCAR)

Erin Phillips (Basketball and Australian Rules Football)

Samantha Rapoport (Football)

Mary Lou Retton (Gymnastics)

Hope Solo (Soccer)

Annika Sorenstam (Golf)

Madge Syers (Figure Skating)

Diana Taurasi (Basketball)

Jenny Thompson (Swimming)

Dara Torres (Swimming)

Maribel Vinson-Owen (Figure Skating)

Lindsey Vonn (Skiing)

Stella Walsh (Track and Field)

Abby Wambach (Soccer)

Ora Washington (Tennis)

Jen Welter (Football)

Katarina Witt

Nera White (Basketball)

Whitney Zelee (Football)

Part II

11. Pat Summitt

12. Venus Williams

13. Jackie Joyner-Kersee

14. Sonja Henie

15. Nadia Comaneci

T16. Katie Ledecky

T16. Kathrine Switzer

18. Cheryl Miller

19. Nancy Lopez

20. Suzanne Lenglen

21. Janet Guthrie

22. Lisa Leslie

23. Manon Rheaume



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