Statement of Solidarity with Drs. Mellis and Kalman-Lamb

Sport in American History supports critical sport studies scholar in their public engagement and denounces and opposes all attempts to harass, doxx, or otherwise intimidate them into silence. We believe in the free exchange of ideas rooted in civility, facts, and productive public pedagogy. The blog stands behind Drs. Mellis and Kalman-Lamb as well as the countless others who have faced bullying, intimidation, and harassment. Racism, sexism, and misogyny remain obstacles in sport and society and have no place in the personal or professional discourses on this blog or directed at scholars engaged in the work of critical sport studies.

One thought on “Statement of Solidarity with Drs. Mellis and Kalman-Lamb

  1. ESPN has a clear double standard in what is considered suspendable or fireable offenses for on-air hosts. Just look at how Rob Parker, Michael Smith and Jemele Hill were treated when commentating on race (Parker) and politics (Smith, Hill) — and compare it with the seemingly endless supply of free passes Dan Dakich has available to stay employed after yet another round of bullying and threatening….whether on the radio, through social media or on TV.

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